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Finding the right zone to locate  Fortune Peak Huts was a long process. In addition to snow quality and quantity, the terrain had to be right. We needed a place that had the 3 P’s - powder, pillows, and peaks and we sure found it. 


This is the point right? Whether it’s snowing 1 inch+/hour and you're bound to skiing in the trees, or it has not snowed in over week and you're tackling an alpine north facing bowl, good snow is always on tap. 


When the snow stabilizes and the weather calms down it is time to get on top of some of the bigger lines in the area. A major benefit of the hut’s location is the ability to ski lines in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness that are otherwise not doable as a day trip. With verticals over 2,000 feet and numerous peaks, there is plenty to keep you busy just out the door.


Playful terrain is plentiful in the zone with cliff and pillow zones immediately around camp. Beyond these zones, there are endless features awaiting your lines.



We are very fortunate in the northwest to have quality avalanche and weather forecasts from the Northwest Avalanche Center. For the avalanche and weather forecast, we are in the East Central Region, closer to the crest. For the precipitation forecast, Gallagher Head is just on the other side of the Esmeralda Peaks.​​ Below are links to forecasting services.


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