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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are the huts available to motorized users?

Yes, the Teanaway area has historically been a motorized use area and this will not change with our operation. Below are couple key notes:

  • The wilderness boundary is just to the east of the camps and remains off-limits to motorized users. Non-motorized guests can find solitude here.

  • Motorized access difficulty varies dramatically with conditions and can be impassable during and immediately after a large storm cycle.  We do not offer refunds if users are unable to reach the huts.   

Motorized access is essential for the operations of the camp and its users, we encourage all guests to work together and enjoy the area however they recreate.

2. Are the huts in the wilderness?

No, the wilderness boundary is at the head of the valley along the ridge running from Longs Pass along Teanaway Mountain.

3. How will users access the huts from the Sno-Park trail ?

Users can continue to follow the summer road to camp or climb and descend portions of Iron Mountain.

4. Do I need a parking pass?

We strongly encourage guests to purchase an annual motorized Sno-Park Pass. The funds from these passes go to support the plowing and grooming you will utilize on your trip. Sno-Park Passes can be purchased online ahead of time here

Please do not park immediately behind trailers and other vehicles that need to load/unload machines. Guidance on parking will be provided ahead of your trip. Carpooling is encouraged. 


5. Can I overnight park at the Sno-Park?

Yes, please keep in mind that no plowing will occur around your vehicle during your stay and you may need to shovel feet of snow when you return. As per all winter driving, a 4WD/All-wheel drive vehicle, traction tires, chains, and a shovel are strongly recommended. 

5. Can my pet come?

Unfortunately, we do not allow pets in the huts. 

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