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What's your backcountry fortune?


What's your backcountry fortune?

Julia Skiing, West side Scatter Peak Tre


Perched just east of the cascade crest at the confluence of cold eastern air and moisture-laden storms rolling in off the pacific, this part of the cascades is colder and sunnier than the mountains to the west. This results in snow more worthy of the word powder and more bluebird days to enjoy the alpine.

Fortune Peak Huts consists of a camp located in the Upper Teanaway, at the summertime De Roux Campground. Immediately above camp are the Esmeralda Peaks, Koppen Mountain, Teanaway Mountain, and Iron Peak. These mountains offer a wide range of terrain, from protected storm skiing in the trees to 2,000' couloirs. At the head of the basin are the two 7,000'+ mountains, Fortune and Ingalls Peaks, and over Longs Pass is Mt. Stuart towering at 9,400'. The variety of terrain, elevations, and aspects help to ensure you will find some great snow whatever the weather has in store.

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